Author: Jared Wall

Single Payer Sucks

Proponents of universal healthcare hold one of the most morally attractive political positions of present day.  That healthcare is a natural human right and should be readily available to all regardless of socioeconomic standing. Unfortunately, logic, economics, and morality tell a different tale.

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Infomercial For Liberty

How would you like to be 40-50% richer? How would you like to be happier and more free? How would you like to have greater control of your own life? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then this offer is for you!

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I Fought The Law – And Won

The more people who refuse to plead guilty or accept a plea deal, the harder it will be for them to confiscate our money via arbitrary traffic law fines. They’re just bureaucrats, they don’t know how to handle anything out of the ordinary, and if you fight your tickets, you just might get them thrown out.

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