Created by Jared Wall, AnarchoLand is dedicated to spreading the ideal of a stateless society in which human interactions are voluntary and based on consent. We focus on pointing out the evils of the State, and the wonders and possibilities of the Market.  Our goal is to convince as many people as possible of the fundamental natures of the State and the Market:

That the State is a wretched institution comprised of a small number of people who are legally permitted to use violent means to achieve their ends.  That the Market is a peaceful system comprising the interactions and relationships of all individuals in society in which the only way to achieve desired ends is through the service of one’s fellow individual.  That in order for wealth to be created and progress to be achieved, the parasitic forces of the State must be removed so that the Market can be free to operate unfettered.

At AnarchoLand, we operate a Facebook page, release a weekly debate-style podcast, and publish articles & eBooks focused on pointing out the absurdity of the State and the wonders of the Market.

Enjoy!  And drop us a line through the Contact page if there’s anything you’re curious about.